Women Leather Collection

Unlike men, women started wearing leather as a form of a revolutionary statement. Leather clothing for women is usually slimmer in line and more feminine and ictrend takes inspiration by its many styles and uses during the years. During the punk rock era of the ’70s and the ’80s, nothing screamed ‘’fashionable outcast’’ more than women in leather, a statement that developed during the years and led to the birth of an entire market of all types of clothing. ictrend uses the best leather around to create unique clothes and accessories, specifically for women who like to defy the norm and breach the very boundaries of fashion. The brand uses its expertise throughout the years to provide a modern look on skirts, jackets, pants, bags and accessories, where classic rock lines are being decorated with spikes and studs and leather comes in all colors and shapes.  The brand dares to take fashion risks, while at the same time keeping up with everyday trends and speaks to the woman who is not afraid to remind the world that in the end, leather belongs to everyone.


Men Leather Collection

Leather clothing as a trend for men has always been around, from military times where it was purely used for its effectiveness against cold weather, to the Harley Davidson motorcycle years and then the rock n’roll era, when it reached pop culture status. ictrend clothing combines the unique charm of leather clothes of all kinds, bringing back the all-time classic leather jacket, that of a strict military line and style. The brand however mostly specializes in the new leather era, where leather clothing has become more practical in use, slimmer in line and is nowadays combined with the luxury and the originality of high fashion. Studs and spikes decorate the clothes, bringing classic rock back in style, made to fit modern trends and standards. ictrend clothing is inspired by the fact that leather for men is nowadays symbolic of either underground rebels or curious fashionistas around the world. It has become a must-have for every modern man, and the brand brings its many uses and interpretations to life, accompanied by fine leather manufacturing.


Story behind the brand

ictrend is a fashion label brand that is specializing in leather producing exlusive  designs.

The solid basis on which the brand was built were the many ways leather can be worn, decorated and manufactured. Creating products that are built to last, ictrend speaks to men and women of all ages, aiming at honoring leather of the past, the present and the future. Manufacturing is based in Greece with a core value of the brand to be made from the best available leather and its products are all handmade, carefully crafted and available through personal orders, collections and exhibitions.

The passion for high quality is the basic element fueling the brand’s constant success and enthusiasm. We redefine the ways to wear and honor leather clothing in the demanding word of fashion.

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